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Adventure Gift Cards

Support us in this critical period, giving an unforgettable gift to someone special

With 7R Travel Adventure Gift Cards you can make a personalized gift to those who really love adventure and sport.
There are ideas for all celebrtions and events: birthday, graduation, Christmas, bachelor or bachelorette party, Saint Valentine’s Day, in short, gifts for any occasion.

Why you should buy a 7R Travel Adventure Gift Card as a gift?


Define details based on the characteristics of the person you want to give it to

And add a personal dedication to create a even more unique gift.


Purchase online and receive the gift card via email. Print it and give it to your sweetheart as a greeting card.


Choose from many customizable experiences.

How it works

  • Choose the most suitable gift card
  • Have a look to the special occasions offers (Christmas, Saint Valentine’s day, …)
  • Contact us to customize your gift and define details
  • Receive the Adventure Gift Card and give it to whoever you want
  • Each gift card is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase -> EXTENDED TO 1 YEAR
  • Each offer is subject to availability.


  • You can cancell for COVID reasons with the support of our travel insurance
  • We choose partners who comply with the regulations required to carry out their business, as well as those against Covid

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