Everything gets more complicated when you’re organizing an adventure trip or a holiday featuring extreme sports.

This is why we’re here to help you organize your next trip, with advice on the best destinations for you and the activities that best suit your needs, or with designing a personalized itinerary for the experience of a lifetime.

Our services

This is what we can do for you:

Travel advice

What sports, adventures and unique activities you can experience, basing on your life style and desires.

Travel Design

Custom travel itinerary, with sport activities, adventures and experiences basing on your budget.


Organization and booking

Organization and booking of all the activities and services and the day by day itinerary.

Travel advice

Do you need inspiration for your next trip? Or are you looking for those adventure that make your trip unique and special? Or you already have an itinerary in mind, and just need to check some details?

Book a FREE 30 minute CALL to get our tips on destinations, sports, adventures and unique experiences around the world to make your trip truly unforgettable.

You can follow our tips to create your own itinerary, or you can ask for our support to design a tailor-made itinerary for you.

Travel Design

Are you dreaming about an unforgettable trip, but you don’t have the time to organize it? Are you looking for unique adventures and experiences that really suit your personality, your interests and give you the right level of adrenaline?
Then our personalized Travel Design service is just for you!
Here’s how it works:

After telling us what your desires and your expectations are, what you like to do and how you imagine your next adventure, we’ll send you some personalized travel proposals by e-mail, which will include duration, destination, activities, experiences, accommodation and the approximate price of the trip (in line with your budget).

At this point, you can use the draft to plan your trip and look for service providers yourself, or you can ask 7R Travel to take care of the organization and booking of the personalized itinerary you have chosen.


We accept requests up to a maximum of 7 days before departure for weekend (Friday – Sunday), up to a maximum of 15 days for trips of 1 week, and up to a maximum of 45 days for trips of 2 weeks.


The cost of the Travel Design service varies according to the type and characteristics of your trip and includes advice for defining the itinerary (duration, stages, what to see, what to do, sports activities, experiences, etc.) up to 3 revisions. It doesn’t include the cost of the trip itself.

If you decide to entrust 7R Travel with organizing and booking your trip, the cost of the Travel Design service will be deducted from the cost of the trip.*

* If you decide to entrust 7R Travel with organizing and booking your trip, the cost of the Travel Design service will be deducted from the cost of the trip

  • for more than 6 nights trips
  • confirmed within 5 days of receiving the Travel Design document
  • and no later than 15 days before the departure date if destination is in Italy and 30 days before departure for all other destinations.

In case of cancellation, the cost of the Travel Design service will not be refunded.

Organization and Booking

After creating the customized itinerary based on your needs through the Travel Design service, we’ll be happy to take care of the organization and booking of all the services, sports activities, experiences and adventures that you have chosen for your travel plan.

We’ll then send you a detailed Day by Day itinerary from the day of the departure to the to you arrival back home and all you’ll need during your trip:

  • Accommodation and transport reservations
  • Sports activities booked with trusted partners after agreeing on the level of difficulty based on your level of fitness, so that your adventure will be as enjoyable as possible.
  • Admissions to events, exhibitions, guided tours, unique and personalized experiences booked through our partners
  • Travel plan, complete with information on what to pack and other useful tips to do the sports activities included in the offer.


The Organization and Booking service is free of charge.

If you decide to entrust us with the organization and booking of your trip, the price of the Travel Design service will be deducted from the total cost of the trip*.


Types of trips and experiences available

Wherever you are, you’ll have a unique and unrepeatable experience, a journey designed specifically and exclusively for you.

Solo and group travel

You can travel on your own and enjoy nature in peace and quiet, or share unique experiences with a group of friends, or join a group tour and meet new friends.

We’ll figure out the best possible trip for you in line with your needs and desires  together.

Guided or not

You can choose to go around independently, with a detailed program and the support of our local business partners, or with a member of our team or a selected local tour leader accompanying you for the duration of your trip.

Where and how long

There are no geographical or duration limits. Whether it’s a weekend away from the city or an expedition lasting several weeks on the other side of the world, our team will help you experience the journey you’ve always dreamed of.

Who our services are for

For anyone who believes that a journey is a way of experiencing a place that stays with you forever

For those who have a spirit of adventure and want to find out what lies beyond and how far they can go

For those who want to taste, savour and relish the atmosphere of a new place

For those who are curious about different places and cultures

For those who believe you cannot live without adrenaline.