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Are you always looking for new experiences, destinations to explore, cusines to try, extreme sports experiences, cultures to discover? Are you driven by an irrepressible desire to travel?

If so, you are part of the 20% of the population who has the DRD4-7R gene, which regulates dopamine levels, and which is also known as “the Adventure gene” or “Wanderlust”.


We design journeys in which you can get to know all aspects of a location, through sports activities and unique experiences, based on your lifestyle, personality, fitness level and adrenaline tolerance.


Let’s do the test to find out if you have the 7R gene in your DNA.

Where will you have your next adventure?

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Book a FREE CALL to get to know each other. We’ll ask you some questions to find out what kind of adventure is right for you.

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Ehi guys, I know, I know, now you can’t go anywhere, but you can plan your trip and we can help you.

As soon as Covid-19 will leave us in peace, everything of your trip will set up and you’ll be ready to experience an amazing tour, designed only for you, with lots of adventures and adrenaline activities.

Don’t worry, we collaborate with Travel Agencies and Tour Operators who guarantee that your tour will be confirmed. If we’ll say you can leave, you can leave, no quarantine at the airport 😉

And we also have agreement with Insurance companies who offers excellent conditions in case of cancellation.

For further information feel free to ask, we are here to help!

7R Travel Team