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Who am I

Hi, I’m Laura and I’m the first and only Travel Designer specializing in adrenaline and adventure travel.

Exploring, discovering hidden places, savoring the adrenaline when we push our limits… this is travel for me.

I am definitely a healthy carrier of the adventure gene: the DRD4-7R.
In fact, since I was a child, I used to experience things like jump from the top of the wall bars we had at home with a shopping bag stuck in my arms like a parachute 😅

In my trips I’ve always tried to learn something new, try new experiences and have fun.

And now I’m trying to give you the emotions I feel every time I set off on a new adventure through my experience, my passion for travel and adrenaline sports and the professionalism I’ve acquired over the years.

The only rule of the trip is: do not go as you left. Back differently. (Anne Carson)

When I quit my job as a permanent employee I finally made the trip I’ve been dreaming of for a long time: 4 weeks in Chile alone and another 2 accompanying my dad and some friends on a self drive in Patagonia.
Besides the fact that that trip made me realize that I don’t want to accompany groups as a job 😁, it also marked the transition to my new life, the one of a Travel Designer.

In my work, but also in life, I am very organised, punctual and I offer a professional service to those who, like me, want to travel at their own pace and in their ways and experience unforgettable adrenaline-pumping adventures.
Hey, I’m nice too huh! 😉

People say about me that I have a meticulous, almost maniacal organization, that when I make a commitment, even with myself, I always respect it, and that I’m reliable and empathetic.

They also say other things but there’s no need to tell them here 😜

MY BUSINESS PARTNERS – Sport associations, Specialized guides, Tour operators, …

The 7R Travel philosophy includes a very high attention to detail and to the quality of the service I offer.

For this reason I personally choose who to collaborate with, whether it’s a guide for the one-hour tour or a tour operator for a lasting partnership. Particular attention goes to the choice of sports instructors and all my business partners who will accompany you during the experiences.

I personally try all the activities I offer, like parachute jumps, canyoning in a frozen stream, paragliding, driving a snowmobile at -30 °, quad biking, diving among fish of all colors and many other things …

I do it to understand what happens, how it’s done, how it works, but also because it’s so much fun!

My partners, collaborators and friends are based all over the world and allow me to design amazing trips, and above all to give you the security of a well done service and in total safety.

Read here what characteristics my partners must have