The 7 characteristics that our business partners must have


Have you ever wondered what the characteristics that our business partners must have to work with us?

Those of you who already travelled with 7R Travel, have surely noticed that guides and instructors are always very smiling, but they become extremely serious when the business starts. Likewise, they are patient with everyone, but also assertive and firm when it comes to safety.

In short, they have features that allow you to have a fun holiday in absolute tranquility.

Is this a coincidence? Of course not, we look for people just like that!

We personally know all our business partners and before deciding to entrust our customers to them, we ask a lot of questions and above all we experience the activities they offer.

1) Reliability and professionalism

Reliability is a fundamental feature in any job. And it’s even more important when your job is to guide a group of people driving a quad bike in the middle of the desert, or diving at -30 meters deep in the blue, or when you flight on a tandem-paraglid.

There are many indicators that make it clear if a person takes its job seriously: respect the agreements, be punctual, don’t underestimate potentially dangerous situations, respect for other’s job.

These are some of the aspects that make us understand if that’s the right partner for us, and therefore for you.


2) Technical skills

Nobody would fly on a hang glider with someone who can’t pilot it, do we all agree on that, don’t we?

We are not instructors, but thanks to our experience and theoretical preparation we know what to look at to have the certainty of being in the right hands.


3) High security levels

Some of the activities that we offer in our tours (always if you want to try them) are into the category of so-called “extreme” and “adrenaline sports”, such as rafting, paragliding and quad biking.

Obviously, these are sports with a higher risk factor than golf or tennis, but the level of attention and preparation is remarkably high.There are safety measures that now significantly reduce the level of risk of these sports, practiced at an amateur level and with a serious and prepared instructor.

In our work we evaluate that our business partners respect all safety measures, and we also do this by checking that the equipment used is kept tidy, clean and in excellent condition.


4) Experience

You know, with experience, skills grow and strengthen. On the road, being able to count on expert people who know what to do in every situation is fundamental and conveys a sense of great security.

I’ll tell you a little story. On one of my first quad biking trips through the woods of Croatia, one of the vehicles broke a hole – unfortunately it can happen. Our guide made us drink a lot of canned drinks, then he took the empty cans, cut them and used them to repair the hole that had been created in the tank. I still don’t know how he did it, but we left and the quad worked without problems for the rest of the trip.

There is no need to tell you that today he’s one of my trusted business partners for quad biking … 😉


5) Patience

Oh yes, it takes a lot of patience to work with me, because I ask a lot of things to my business partners, I modify the standard programs to make your experience unique, I check several times that everything is correct and confirmed – moreover in my work precision is basic!


6) Respect for nature and the environment

This not only means not leaving waste around, but also staying on the tracks, not ruining the terrain with improper driving, respecting the habitat and the people we come in contact with.For me and the 7R Travel team, it’s essential not to leave traces of our passage in the environment.

7) Congeniality

Last but not least our business partners must be nice !!

Collaborating with cheerful people with whom you are in a good harmony is the best way to work well and, consequently, to make you feel good.

Our mood is reflected in what we do, so if we’re happy and we enjoy doing our job, the trips we create will be more fun for you too.

Have fun

These are the 7 fundamental characteristics that our business partners must have in order to work with us.

If they fail, we prefer not to offer you certain experiences.

That’s why sometimes we tell you that we don’t organize a certain activity in a certain area, or we ask you to do a few more kilometers to do a sport that apparently could be done closer.

The most important thing for us is to make you try experiences and sports activities in the best way, having fun, in absolute safety.

If you’re curious, don’t hesitate to contact us to help you organize you custom tour, in line with your interests, suited to your physical preparation and your desire for adrenaline.

Get ready to live YOUR personal adventure in the world!

Just click here to set up a free phone call with one of our Travel Designers.


Have fun!

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