Discovery tours

7R Travel is constantly looking for magical places, unique experiences and professional partners all over the world.

We look for them in person, because as soon as we get home, we can design your trip with schedules, activities and difficulty levels that are right for you.

Would you like to come with us to discover new places, try out new experiences and extreme sports and select potential partners?

Slide It's really difficult, both geographically and morally, to understand the world without leaving your own home.


In order to design your perfect tour, we have to get to know the place, the people who will welcome you in person and we have to check the reliability and expertise of our suppliers.

This is why, once we have chosen a destination to explore, we decide where to go and what to do, then we set up meetings with potential business partners to get to know them and try out the activities and excursions they offer.

We create an itinerary for the tour. Not knowing the place, we will only understand some details on arrival, such as the atmosphere, what the place is actually like, how to experience it and how to get around, and then we allow ourselves to get inspired by surprising streets, small shops, cafés and fancy restaurants. Without wasting too much time though, because there are always so many things to do and see.

What does accompanying us on a discovery tour mean

Coming with someone from the 7R Travel Team on a journey of this kind means discovering a new location together, with an itinerary (i.e we already know where we are going to sleep every night and what the various stops are every day), so as not to waste time.

It also means helping us notice hidden corners that others might enjoy, splitting up so that we can check out more things, I might be checking out a courtyard, you might be in a museum or a shop.

It also means that plans can change (an excursion or an appointment with a potential partner might be cancelled or postpone, or we might find something more interesting to do than what was planned).

It means not knowing where to go and eat, and deciding at the last minute (but we know where we are going to sleep!), It means not knowing how to get to a place or where the bus stop is, … In short, you need to be a little flexible and a pay attention to details. We know, it’s not that easy, but there will be a person from the team with you

The idea is to focus on the experiences as much as possible.

This does not mean that you have to do everything we do, some activities are optional for you.

However, you might need to come with us if we have to drive to a particular location, even if you don’t want to do the activity.

How to participate

  • First, take our test to find out if you have the adventure gene in your DNA. Depending on the result, you can participate in different types of discovery tour. If you are a true 7R Insider, you can set off on a high-adrenaline journey with us.
  • Check our upcoming departures and, if you find any trips that inspire you, open the page with the program.
  • At this point, simply complete the form and wait for our reply and subsequent instructions.

All discovery tours are designed for adults