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Downhill is an extreme sport that is practiced with a special bike.

It’s defined as the “Formula One” of mountain biking because it consists of going down a hill or mountain at rather high speed.

Very adrenaline and very fun for those who love speed and obstacle paths.

If you prefer softer bike activities, take a look at the Bike & Co page.


Downhill is one of the so-called “gravity” activities because it takes advantage of gravity on mainly downhill paths, characterized by a variety of tracks: curves in counter-slope and with banks, jumps, rocks, roots, open meadows, undergrowth …

Speed is a key feature of this sport, in which a speed of 80 km / h is reached.

The bikes are similar to mountain bikes, but there are some substantial differences, including being bi-amortized with a much higher excursion.

This sport can also be practiced at an amateur level, often on the ski slopes.

You are provided with everything you need from the rental center, then it will be up to you to appeal to all your courage to face the descent at full speed 😉

If you want to repeat the experience, go back up! By bike, or rather with the ski lifts if they are active 😉


Technically it’s possible to go downhill all year round.

The best seasons are spring and autumn, when the ski slopes are not covered with snow and temperatures are pleasant.


80 – 100%

is the minimum amount of DRD4-7R adventure gene that we think you should have to do this activity.

Take the test to find out how much% of 7R you have in your DNA.


  • It’s necessary to know how to bike
  • You must be in good general health.
  • It is important to have a certain agility, an excellent balance, good muscle strength, safety in movements


The equipment needed to carry out the activity is provided by the sport center and consists of:

  • Shin Guards
  • Elbow
  • Gloves (not all centers provide them, you better bring yours)
  • Protective helmet (usually full face)
  • Downhill bikes

Those who practice downhill on a professional level also wear special suits that have the function of protecting the whole body from possible impacts, such as those from motorcycling.

If you rent the equipment, the suit won’t be provided.

We therefore suggest you to wear:

  • long pants, comfortable enough to allow movement, but as resistant as possible
  • long-sleeved shirt
  • sports shoes.