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Those who have never learned to ride a bike raise their hands!

So, let’s say it’s a sport for everyone.

And even physical preparation is no longer an obstacle, as today there are bicycles such as e-bikes and pedal assisted bikes.

Depending on the route, the excursion can be more or less demanding.

We reserve a separate discussion to the discipline of Downhill and Mountainbike

The bike allows you to visit any kind of environment in a simple and autonomous way, from the city to the hill, from level ground to the mountain, uphill and downhill.


Bike excursions can be very different, depending on the environment and the type of bike you use.

For example, a light and handy citybike is perfect in the city. If you are going to a mountain trail, or in the bush, nothing could be better than a mountainbike. You can also do downhill (for this activity I recommend you to hire an ad hoc bike).

Snow lovers? Or dunes lovers? Here is the fatbike for you, so called for its swollen tires, which facilitate pedaling on these terrains.

There are also bikes for those who are not trained but would like to enjoy all its benefits, like the e-bike, or electric bike, and the pedal-assisted-bike. No more excuses now! 😉

For your comfort and your safety, wear the special pants, reinforced with a soft pad, and the helmet.

No specific shoes are required.

You can ride alone, with friends, or even better, with a guide, who will take you directly to where it’s worth.

I also suggest you to try a bike tour of a few days.


The whole year.

With different kind of bikes, there are no atmospheric conditions that can slow down your desire to explore.


30 – 80%

is the minimum amount of DRD4-7R adventure gene that we think you should have to do this activity.

Take the test to find out how much% of 7R you have in your DNA.


  • It is necessary to know how to bike
  • You must be in good general health. In order to use a non electric bike or a non pedal-assisted-bike, a good physical training is required.


The equipment needed to carry out the activity is provided by the sport center and consists of:

  • Bike
  • Helmet

We suggest you to bring with you:

  • Bike pants
  • Sneakers
  • Under-helmet
  • Technical jersey (to absorb perspiration), alternatively a normal cotton t-shirt