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Quad / ATV

An adventure for everyone, from those who have never experienced driving a quad, to those who already have good skills. You can drive through woods and meadows, surrounded by nature. Depending on the season, the terrain changes from dry to mud, from rivers to wet grass, putting the driving skills from 0 to 100.



You should be at the meeting point 15 minutes before the excursion departure time.

As soon as you arrive you will fill in the registration form. You will need your driving license number and your personal data.

Get ready quickly: leave what you don’t need in your car, change your shoes, …

Try the helmet and choose the one that suits you best.

Pay attention on the briefings. Instructors will explain how the quad works and the basic information that every driver and passenger must be aware of.

Wear your helmet, gloves and jump on your quad (they are more or less all the same, around 400 cc), alone or with your passenger, switch it on …

… and finally let’s go behind the instructor!

Each quad can carry one passenger in addition to the driver.


Quad it’s an all-seasons-sport.

Quad biking can take place in almost all weather conditions.

Eventual cancellations of the excursion could occur however in the case the meteorological conditions cannot guarantee safety.


50 – 80%

is the minimum amount of DRD4-7R adventure gene that we think you should have to do this activity.

Take the test to find out how much% of 7R you have in your DNA.


  • driver’s license B for the driver
  • credit card for deposit
  • minimum passenger age: 10 yo


The necessary equipment for the activity is provided by the sport center that will accompany you during the excursion and consists of:

  • Helmet
  • Under-helmet

We suggest you to bring with you:

  • Comfortable sportswear: even jeans are ok. Long pants and long-sleeved shirt, which are usefull to protect yourself from branches or even brambles if you don’t have a jacket. Depending on the season, cover yourself more or less, considering that you will warm up while driving.
  • Motorcycle jacket: better to have it for protection. Even if you won’t drive very fast or on difficult routes, the protections can also be used for branches and rocks. If the jacket is not waterproof it could be useful to also wear a raincoat.
  • Above-rain trousers: if it has rained in the previous days or it is raining during the excursion, they are a great way to not tarnish the trousers and not to get soaked with water. If you have them, don’t leave them at home!
  • Bandana to cover your mouth, especially if there is dust, but also for insects and branches.
  • Neck warmer or scarf in the cooler seasons, but also when you drive in the woods where the temperature decreases. And always for branches …
  • Something to wear under the helmet: usually the quad rental center supplies it but if you prefer, bring your own.
  • Glasses: sunglasses but if you have a pair with clear lenses, they’re very useful if the helmet doesn’t have a visor.
  • Gloves: the hands are rather exposed, so it’s good to protect them with motorcycle gloves. If you don’t have those for motorcycles, other types of gloves are also suitable.
  • Helmet: fundamental. Without it, you cannot drive. This is also usually provided by the quad rental center but if you prefer to use yours, bring it.
  • Shoes: sneekers or trekking are good for short and relatively easy excursions. Definitely better if they cover your ankle. Rain boots are also good in case of rain or mud.
  • Sports bra: I recommend it to women because … they dance !!!!
  • Driving license B: another fundamental element. Without a license, driving is not authorized, not even for excursions.
  • Water: I suggest you to bring at least 1/2 liter. During the breaks, refreshing the throat is pleasant.

You are ready for the excursion. Now let’s think about the next. It is possible that you find dust or mud or wet, so that the clothes with which you make the excursion become impregnated with earth, or mud or worse with water.

For this reason, I suggest you bring (and leave in the car during the excursion):

  • A complete change, including underwear and shoes (trust me! If it rains, it rain!)
  • Plastic bags, possibly hermetically sealed, for storing wet or muddy things.
  • A towel. If the rental center has a bathroom, bring the necessary for a shower. Or wet wipes for the bare minimum. If it’s sunny and the temperature is ideal, you probably won’t need any of this because you can wait to get home, but if the weather hasn’t been mild, you might regret not having them.