7 things to do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica
Costa Rica

7 things to do in Costa Rica that will make your trip a truly unforgettable experience:

1) Hike a volcano to admire lakes in the crater

In Costa Rica you’ll find many volcanoes, some still active, others dormant, others blissfully sleeping. We love those that host a lake in the crater.

2) Sleep in the jungle

I don’t know about you, but it has always been my dream to go into the jungle and look for exotic animals and carnivorous plants. Top of the dream, sleep in a bungalow surrounded by nature.


3) Lounge in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world

What to say? White sand, crystal clear water, the shade of palm trees, fishes everywhere …


4) Do water sports

Paradise for surfing and diving, but also rafting. There is no danger of getting bored for water sports lovers.


5) Visit San Jose

The capital is characteristic, with its churches and museums it’s worth visiting (between one sport and another).

San Jose

6) Jump with the zipline and walk on the suspension bridges

Among the most exciting in the world, the zipline and suspension bridges that you can find in Costa Rica will charge you with adrenaline. Both for the suggestive landscape that you will have around, and for the extreme heights.

Ponte sospeso

7) Nature

We already mentioned the forest and the volcanoes, but we have to mention flora and fauna as well, because Costa Rica is one of the places with the highest biodiversity in the world. Here you can find animals and plants of all species, a national park for turtles and even an orphanage for sloths.


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Have fun!

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