7 water sports to try once in a life


7 water sports to try once in a life for those who loves water, in all its forms.

Sea, river or lake, is water your natural element? Here are 7 sports that you can practice enjoying the view and stimulating adrenaline.

1) Diving

Those who have the diving patent know that the world below is crazy and that every dive creates a new emotion.

Fishes, plants, wrecks, caves, … everything is an adventure and a discovery.

Even those without a patent can try the experience of diving (with an expert instructor and up to 5 meters deep) and start admiring life under water.

Here you can find a more detailed article about how fun diving is.

And here you find the technical page.


2) Surf and Windsurf

“Riding the waves” is the expression you will hear most often when it comes to surfing and windsurfing. And that’s exactly what you’ll do with your board, whether it has a sail or not, when you practice this sport. At the rhythm of Beach Boys songs, you will slowly begin to adopt the surfer’s philosophy of life, made of love for the sea, for yourself and for your neighbors, balanced on your board in search of the perfect wave.

3) Rafting

We’ve already told you about rafting in the Sports and Adventures section (you can find the page here).

Rafting is one of the water sports that can reach really high adrenaline levels if practiced in the right place. Have you ever tried level 4 rapids? I assure you it’s lot of fun.

However, it’s a rather easy sport to practice, and gives the opportunity to get to know other “Adrenaline seekers” like you. And, when facing challenges together, the bond you create is much stronger than ever 😉

4) Coasteering

It’s a sport that allows you discovering hidden coves, caves, stretches of paths on the rock overlooking the sea. It combines water and earth, but also air. It can be tiring sometimes but it can definitely be worth it.

To learn more about the topic, here you can find the technical page for coasteering.

5) Kayak and canoe

Both kayaks and canoe can be practiced at the sea, lake or rivers. They are ideal for moving without too much effort and admiring the view. Furthermore, these means allow you easily reach coves and caves where you can spend a few hours in absolute relaxation.


6) Canyoning

When the snow begins to melt in the mountains, the streams populate with people who jump along their courses.

Dive into green pools of water, natural slides on the rock, for pure fun days.


7) Sailing

From days offshore, far from everything and everyone, to trips around the world, sailing is synonymous to relaxation. But, have you ever seen a sailing race? This is the opposite of relaxation! 😉

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Have fun!

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