In this travel guide of Finland, you’ll find many reasons to visit it.

Finland is still wild, where tourism is developing from cities to natural areas.

It’s the ideal destination for staying away from hectic life, or for a trip with a high adrenaline content, thanks to sports such as snowmobiling and dog sledding.

Sports and adventures

Here are the sports and adventures we recommend in this destination.

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  • Trekking or mountainbike excursions in uncontaminated nature
  • Kayaks and rowing boat excursions on the lakes
  • Skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding
  • Sleddog or reindeer sleigh-safari, an unforgettable experience
  • Snowmobile safari, recommended for those who love adrenaline and speed
  • Diving, to discover the underwater itineraries of the Åland archipelago


Sleeping in a shelter, spending a day with the locals, discover unknown places, here are some of the special experiences that you could live in this destination.

Bushcamp surrounded by nature to be enchanted by the atmosphere and silence

Immerse yourself in the sámi culture in northern Lapland

Spend a night in a shelter to observe brown bears in their natural environment

Taste the typical flavors in local markets (kauppahalli)

Take a sauna and then swim in the frozen waters of the lake

Joining music festivals, there are kind for everyone.

See the midnight sun

Admire the northern lights

Drink fruit juice with friends around the fire

Participate in the festival of light that, in winter, adorns many cities (the largest is Oulu) with lights of all kinds

Picnic in the woods after walking with snowshoes in search of albino reindeer

Test yourself orienteering in the wood.

What to see

Here are some ideas of what you can admire in this wonderful place:

In addition to areas where nature and the outdoors are unforgettable experiences, visit Finland also for:

The Santa Claus Village of Rovaniemi, where Santa lives

Helsinki, the capital, has a varied offer of culture, nature, religion: do not miss a visit to the island of Suomenlinna, the fortress island guarding the port of Helsinki; a visit to the interiors of the Tamppeliaukion Kirkko, and the Kiasma museum for contemporary art lovers.

Porvoo is the old aristocratic city

Rauma, with Finland’s largest wooden district

Turku and Tampere, a former industrial center that reinvented itself as a tourist city


The landscape, the flora and the fauna of this country are just one of the reasons to visit it.

Nature in Finland is certainly a predominant element: green, rich in fruit, uncontaminated, rich in animals, but also snow-covered, bare and silent.

Here you can find various landscapes: from the sea to the mountains, from lakes to forests, but also untouched glades.

Even the cities are full of parks and places to spend days outdoors.

The areas of greatest structural interest are Lapland, the Lakes Region and the many natural parks.

If you want to see wild animals, Finland is the ideal place for reindeer, moose, many varieties of fish, huskies, brown bears and many others.

Food and Wine

What you could eat and drink in this country

Finnish cuisine uses local raw materials: fish, game, milk, potatoes, meat, berries, berries, wild mushrooms.

The Finns are very fond of thick soups, among the most delicious we find pea, salmon and reindeer soups.

Fish is essential for the local population: lohi (salmon), silli (smoked herring), rautu (arctic char) and other local fish, often accompanied by potatoes and dill.

Reindeer meat is a must when visiting northern Finland.

Traditional bread is called reikäleipa, a loaf of donut-shaped rye, flat and firm; often used as an accompaniment to soups.

The Finnish desserts are delicious: the korvapuusti, a kind of cinnamon brioche, which has been stuffed with berries, very often with blueberries, cranberries or camemoro.

A summer culinary tradition is the outdoor barbecue where you eat grillimakkara, a flame-cooked würstel, filled with mustard and accompanied by beer.

The main characteristic of Finland is salmiakki, the salty licorice, with which they make candies or dress popcorn.

As for drinks, coffee and beer are very popular.

Alcoholic beverages higher than 4.8% are sold only to Alko, while lightly alcoholic beer and cider can be found in supermarkets but only until 9 pm.

When to go

Recommended in summer and winter

In summer (between June and August) temperatures vary between + 15 ° C and + 25 ° C and rainfalls are almost absent;

The hours of darkness are practically absent or very few.

Summer is recommended for those who want to do trekking, kayaking, nature watching and see the midnight sun.

In winter (between October and March) temperatures vary between 0 ° C and -30 ° C, snowfall is abundant, the lakes are frozen and it’s very likely that there are situations of perennial snow.

The hours of darkness are prevalent, in the period from November to January; in some north areas the hours of daylight are often non-existent.

Winter is recommended for anyone attracted by winter sports, snowmobiles and sleigh rides and above all the Christmas atmosphere and northern lights.


Language: mainly Finnish, but also Swedish and sámi. English is very widespread.
Currency: Euros € (1 € = 1,12 US$ about)
Capital city: Helsinki
Seasons: spring from April to June; summer from June to August; autumn from August to Oc-tober; winter from October to April. Spring and autumn are seasons of transition and often the passage between sum-mer and winter is not even noticed.

For up-to-date and detailed information visit www.viaggiaresicuri.it

Some tips

In winter it’s advisable to have thermal clothing (buying them on site it’s cheaper); Better to dress in layers. It’s essential to have a warm hat and gloves.

If you travel outside the city, you’ll likely encounter wild animals crossing the road; so be careful!

Finns are very environmentally conscious: in most public areas recycling is carried out, there are special baskets for throwing cigarette butts (you will rarely find cigarette butts on the ground).

In addition, in the supermarkets there are collection points for plastic bottles and cans.

The last piece of advice, which comes right from our heart, is: be amazed.

This travel guide has been written in collaboration with Martina B., Finland specialist.

Certified Finland Specialist

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