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Hydroflying (Flyboard, Hoverboard and Jetpack)


The new frontier of fun in water sports are flyboards, hoverboards and jetpacks, in a word hydroflying.

Do you know those engines that make crazy evolutions in water? Here you go!


Flyboard, hoverboard and jetpack works more or less in the same way, so let’s see the differences:

Flyboarding: it consists in making evolutions on the surface of the water thanks to the flyboard which sprays a jet of pressurized water fed by a jet ski. It was invented, together with the hoverboard, in 2012 by the French boat pilot Frank Zapata, founder of Zapata Racing.

The Flyboard uses a pair of boots, which are attached to a board with jet nozzles on the bottom and propel you upwards. Its other end is attached to the turbine of the jet ski. The pressure of the water ejected from the jet nozzles provides the thrust and allows the user to rise above the water up to a height of 49 ft.

The advantage of flyboarding is that it’s easy to learn and is you can do flips and dives with ease.


Hoverboarding: uses water propulsion to allow you to fly up to almost 16 ft and up to a speed of almost 24 miles per hour using a hoverboard.

The difference with the flyboard is that the water is propelled from the back end of the board instead of directly below. The flyboard offers you more vertical movement; you soar above the water diving in and out and doing flips and spins. On the other hand, the movement of the hoverboard is horizontal, you soar across the water, as surfing or snowboarding.


Jetpacking: is practiced using a jetpack worn on the back and uses two handles to decide where you go and how high you fly. Jetpack isn’t as well suited towards dives and flips as flyboard and it may take more time to learn to operate a jetpack properly as compared to the other devices.


Flyboarding and hoverboarding can be practiced wherever there is a large beach and water available. As long as there are centers that rent the equipment and provide an instructor to ride the jet ski.

You can have fun even in winter wearing a proper wetsuit.


30 – 80%

is the minimum amount of DRD4-7R adventure gene that we think you should have to do this activity.

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No special requirements are needed


You don’t need specific clothing, just the swimsuit or the wetsuit according to the season.

The necessary equipment is provided by the rental center and consists of:

  • a flyboard / hoverboard connected to the jet ski
  • a pair of special boots.