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Sci snowboard freeride elisky

Ski, snowboard, freeride, heliski (eliski) are among the most enjoyable and adrenaline sports practiced in the world.

Whether in fresh snow or on ski slopes, with a snowboard or on skis, the desire to challenge the slopes and alterations of the terrain at full speed is very high.


Wherever there is a snowy mountain there are ski slopes or trails that can be practiced freeride.

Where there are facilities, the ski slopes can be of various difficulties, usually identified by a colour (blue: easy; black: for experts, etc.).

Even if you have never tried skiing or snowboarding, you can try on the easier slopes, with the help of a ski instructor.

The difficulty and the fun increase depending on the steepness of the slopes and the snow conditions.

For the more experienced freeride is the top of fun.

You can practice freeride skiing aside the slopes and using the skilifts to reach the starting point, or the snowshoes or seal skins.

The most extreme of the freeride is the heliski (eliski), so you reach the starting point by helicopter, usually on very high peaks in the mountains, in places not even reachable on foot, and then let yourself go on the snow-covered mountain ridge, dancing on the fresh snow in total silence. In this case you’ll be accompanied by an expert guide.

Make sure you choose an heliski (eliski) service provider who cares about the environment and the local fauna, respecting the limits set by the laws on the number of transports allowed in that particular area, as heliski (eliski) is an invasive practice and for this reason is limited or even prohibited in some areas.


To practice skiing, snowboarding, freeriding, heliski (eliski), it’s necessary a sufficient amount of snow, natural or artificial, so winter is the only possible season.

But on the glaciers and indoors it’s possible to ski all year round.


30 – 80%

is the minimum amount of DRD4-7R adventure gene that we think you should have to do this activity.

Take the test to find out how much% of 7R you have in your DNA.


  • No document or certification required
  • Sufficient physical preparation is required
  • Check the regulations in force to access the lifts and the rules on the slopes


To practice this activity it’s necessary to have:

– Ski or snowboard

– Ski poles

– In some countries a helmet may be required

– Ski boots or shoes suitable for snow to use the snowboard

We suggest you to wear:

  • Ski pants and jacket
  • Snow shoes
  • Gloves
  • Scarf
  • Hat or band
  • Thermal stockings
  • Ski goggles
  • Under-helmet / Bandana

All equipment and some clothing can be rented