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Trekking and Hiking


For those who love outdoors and enjoy breathtaking views, walking in nature is the ideal sport activity.

Today there are two terms to indicate a foot-excursion:

Trekking: it’s a sport activity that includes long itineraries walking on “wild” paths (woods, trails, mountains …) for several days.

Hiking is a walk of several hours in which the “sporting” aspect is predominant over the naturalistic and landscape components.

The two terms therefore differentiate the activity of walking based on the duration of the excursion.


Trekking and hiking are sports activities feasible to all, to be practiced either alone or in company, participating in excursions and / or guided tours.

Starting from simpler routes, with a certain athletic preparation you can follow more complex itineraries, with different gradients and different lengths.


Trekking and hiking are activities that are practiced at any time of the year: in fact, there are summer and winter trekking trails, although winter trekking are usually suitable for those who already have some experience.

Spring and autumn are however generally the most recommended periods to find an optimal climate.

Moreover, they are activities that can be carried out all over the world. There are routes dedicated to trekking, such as the Cretan Way, the 500 km route along the paths that cross the Greek island of Crete, or the Inca Trail, in Peru, a route for experts, over 40 km or more suggestive Overland Track in Tasmania 65 km long.


30 %

is the minimum amount of DRD4-7R adventure gene that we think you should have to do this activity.

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A state of good health is required.

Before setting off on a trekking holiday, we advise you to inquire about the weather conditions and the state and difficulty of the routes you intend to take.


  • Suitable shoes
  • Large but not bulky backpack