7 signs that you are a traveler


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It’s innate, you have it in your DNA.

Even if you have never traveled in your life…no wait: even if you have not yet traveled in your life, you cannot give up for much longer. You feel that ther’s an irrepressible force within you that pushes you to explore, to get out of the house, out of the country and … TRAVEL!

Here are some signs that distinguish you, traveler, from those who are not:

1) The irrepressible desire to travel

It’s like a strange feeling of not being home until you are away from home, until you visit one place and then another and in any case you must already have another one in mind. It’s a need to discover other places, other cultures, other ways of living.

2) Luggage is a ritual of precision

You know exactly what you’ll need and you have perfectly understood the concept of “indispensable”, of “at your fingertips” but also of “space in the luggage to take home travel memories”.

3) The journey for you is not seeing but hearing

Of course, the main tourist places are always worth it, but it’ss the most unknown, most hidden and real ones that you are attracted to. When you are there, it seems to you that you have already been there, it’s like you “remember” something, and it’s there that you always find a piece of yourself.

4) You save for traveling

Life is made up of priorities and yours is travel.

You more than willingly give up a dinner because you know it would cost like a flight. If you have to choose between a new pair of shoes or an excursion, you have no doubts and, more importantly, you no longer consider them either sacrifices or choices.

5) Solo traveling is a plus

The idea of a group trip gives you goosebumps. For you, travel is solo, or at most with someone you are very attached to. The freedom to move, to stop and changing your mind, are essential for you.

And anyway you are never alone, because if you are a traveler you will always find someone to share your experiences with, someone to discover the story of and who will accompany you not only for your trip but sometimes for a lifetime.

6) Food is as attractive as people and places

The smells, the flavors, the colors, the textures, … everything attracts you to the local food. You would like to taste everything and you don’t want to hear about the cuisine of your country until your return.

7) If you close your eyes you are already there

Whenever you dream of something that you would like to do with all of yourself, the only thing that comes to your mind is a trip and you dream of being in some remote destination, or in a new city, or on a beach in Costa Rica…


Is that you?


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Have fun!

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