7 adventure destinations for the honeymoon

Are you looking for an adventurous destination for your honeymoon?
The honeymoon is a unique, particular journey that deserves all the attention, starting with the choice of the destination.

Since most of the time it’s a gift, the honeymoon tends to always be a great trip.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a luxury trip.

The more it’s in line with our wishes, the more it’ll be remembered as “one of the most beautiful trips you have ever made”.

For this reason, it’s important that it reflects all your desires, your fantasies, your needs, starting from the choice of destination.The destination must reflect your way of travelling, your interests, your desire for adventure and adrenaline.

So, let’s see together 7 destinations that you might like for a crazy adventure honeymoon.

1) Thailand

Adventure and adrenaline

One of the most exciting experiences to have in Thailand is going on a safari. There is the possibility of going on a canoe safari, even at night, or on an elephant.

You’ll see many animals, for example in Khao Yai National Park, the largest park in Thailand and also the least explored. There are many animal species that you can easily observe during the safari such as fallow deer, fawns and deer.

A popular area for wildlife viewing in the park is the Salt Lick. In fact, here, thanks to the presence of mineral substances, it’ll be easy to see the animals while they eat.

Here you will also see the famous Heu Narok waterfalls, among the most beautiful in all of Thailand, with their total drop of about 150 meters.

To add a little adrenaline to the holiday, I would go rafting at Nang Rong Waterfalls.


A special moment

A journey full of adventures but still your honeymoon, so I suggest you spend a night in a houseboat, on the waters of the picturesque River Kwai, surrounded by tropical forests and the Saiyoke mountains. An experience you won’t forget.


When to go

The best time is the cold season, which runs from November to February, when the maximum temperatures vary between 20 and 32°C.


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2) Australia

Adventure and adrenaline

Australia offers the opportunity to see unique animal species in the world. They exist only there. I advise you to discover the underwater species by diving in one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

The Australian outback is famous for being very wild and very suggestive. A trek will make you discover crazy panoramas and you may have the opportunity to get to know indigenous peoples.


A special moment

Dedicate a moment just for you as a couple by having dinner on board of a hot air balloon flying above the sea.


When to go

Australia is so huge that it’s not possible to define unique climatic characteristics. So, if your itinerary touches several parts of Australia, the best time to go is during spring or autumn, with certainly milder temperatures.


To find out everything you can do in Australia during your honeymoon go to the Australia guide.

3) United States

Adventure and adrenaline

The Parks tour looks like the usual Parks tour, but in reality it offers the possibility of truly unique experiences, immersed in a surreal and wonderful landscape.

How about a hike to see the bears? Bears are at home in Kukak Bay and it’s interesting to observe their behaviors, some of which are really funny. At any given moment you can expect to see an abundance of marine and terrestrial wildlife: otters and seals will observe you with curious eyes from their emerging rocks at the water’s edge, while the ever-present foxes will often venture right up to the door of the lodge to forage for food.

Among the thousands of adrenaline-pumping experiences to celebrate your wedding, I suggest you go kayaking in a canyon, surrounded by a landscape where you would like to stop every meter to capture the landscape in a picture.


A special moment

It’s time to toast your goal. A romantic moment that, as background and atmosphere, can only have one of the most evocative panoramas in the world: the Grand Canyon at sunset. Lipan Point is one of the best places to do it. Or to be more comfortable, the terrace of El Tovar Lodge, accompanied by a tasty drink.


When to go

The climate varies greatly from north to south, with the distance from the oceans and with the presence or proximity of mountain ranges.

However, autumn is the best time to see the regions of parks and large lakes, when the colors of nature offer a wonderful show.


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4) Hawaii

Adventure and adrenaline

Hawaii is the home of surfing. There are spots for every level and numerous schools where you can learn the basics or perfect your technique. But the most suggestive experience is trekking on the volcanoes and admiring the color of the sea that changes at every corner.


A special moment

Come on, let’s be romantic: sunset, stars, … yes, but from the top of a volcano, obviously after having climbed it on foot.


When to go

The archipelago is wonderful all year round, but if I really have to recommend a period, it’s from May to October. The air temperatures are high but bearable thanks to the trade winds.


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5) Madagascar

Adventure and adrenaline

For the “wild” people I recommend going down the Tsirihibina river in 2 days with a motor boat or 3 days in a rowing canoe. It’s an adventurous itinerary with overnights in igloo tents on the river banks and meals cooked at the camp.

For those who prefer other types of experiences but always very exciting, I recommend whale watching. Every year, from June to September, humpback whales migrate off the coast to mate and give birth. It’s an incredible sight to watch these impressive marine mammals arrive by the hundreds, having traveled thousands of kilometres.


A special moment

Living even for just one day with a local tribe is a unique and truly deep experience. Think of celebrating the first month of marriage at dinner on the beach, together with members of the Vezo tribe.


When to go

The best time to visit Madagascar is from July to September. The climate is perfect because the rains are far away and the days are warm and pleasant both for being on the beach and for visiting the parks, including Isalo, which is notoriously sultry.


To find out everything you can do in Madagascar during your honeymoon go to the Madagascar guide.

6) Dominican Republic

Adventure and adrenaline

Are you looking for a wonderful place to take a dip surrounded by lush rainforests in breathtakingly colored waters, from brilliant turquoise to emerald green? In Punta Cana there are for example the famous Hoyo Azul (the “Blue Well”) and the ecological reserve of Ojos Indígenas, cenotes and natural pools from which you’ll never want to leave.


A special moment

A souvenir of the trip, but also a way to tell your wife that the honeymoon with her was unforgettable is certainly a larimar ring, a semi-precious blue stone of which there is the only mine in the world right here in the Dominican Republic. Also called Dominican blue amber and made famous by the film Jurassic Park, it’s extracted in the north of the country, in the hills of La Cumbre, the only place where it can be found.


When to go

Diving is best between June and September, when the waters are calmer and offer optimal visibility. However, it’s possible to practice diving and take fantastic baths all year round thanks to the water temperature which fluctuates constantly between 24°C and 29°C.


To find out all that you can do in the Dominican Republic during your honeymoon go to the Dominican Republic guide.

7) Brasil

Adventure and adrenaline

It’s difficult to choose among the many experiences that can be done in Brazil. For your honeymoon, however, I would recommend spending a day at the Iguassù waterfalls, among the most majestic and most evocative in the world. Or to swim in the natural pools of Porto de Galinhas and see the turtle eggs hatch.


A special moment

A toast while bathing in a lagoon surrounded by dunes and while admiring the sunset at Lençois Maranhenses. Romantic? Of course yes!


When to go

In general, the ideal time to visit any area of Brazil is the southern winter, i.e. between June and August. It’s generally the coolest, least rainy and sunniest. But if someone likes the heat and isn’t afraid of a few too many rainy days, winter is fine too.


To find out everything you can do in Brazil during your honeymoon go to the Brazil guide.

Do you want an out-of-the-ordinary honeymoon? Adventurous like you but also romantic?

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Have fun!

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