What a Travel Designer does

May, it’s time to start thinking about holidays.

Especially after the long period of closures, limits and restrictions that we have experienced and we’re still experiencing.


We really feel the desire for freedom, for novelty. Of experiences and emotions.


Is there any better occasion than a nice holiday then?


Positive Vibes at all, but then you always clash with the classic questions.

Where to go?

Sea or mountain?

In my country or abroad?

Farmhouse or tent?


If you too have recognized yourself in this spring picture of preparation for the summer holidays, you are in the right place.


You are probably tired to spend hours and hours online looking for destinations, accommodations, things to do, places to see.


Maybe you try, but then you end up not booking anything, because there are so many places you want to go that no one is really the right one.


And you lay on the sofa looking and searching.

Or you can try something alternative: contact a Travel Designer.
But let’s start from the basics.

Who is the Travel Designer (and above all what he does)


The Travel Designer is a real consultant by definition, an expert in travel with a high emotional rate and possibly specialized in certain sectors, and takes care of building personalized itineraries.


And not only.


Because if so, it could easily be “mistaken” for other similar figures, instead:

  • it’s not a tour operator, because it doesn’t create travel packages;
  • it’s not a travel agent, because it’s not an intermediary who sells travel packages.


So what does a Travel Designer do?


A Travel Designer builds custom trips, which may also seem simple.


“Oh okay, but I just need to search online and use dedicated platforms and I too can create my own personalized trip!”


Surely this is what you just thought.


All right, but now stop for a moment and think about it. How many times do you happen to start organizing a holiday without having the faintest idea of:

  • where do you want to go,
  • what do you want to do,
  • who to contact to carry out activities safely,
  • what can you see,

and many other thousand things?


Ok, now I propose a different vision instead.


You are quiet on the sofa, it’s May and the idea of ​​taking a trip this summer is starting to cross your mind.


Instead of looking for everything, contact a travel designer, have a chat together and let’s understand what the destination of your next trip is.


And you’ve already saved a lot of effort. But it’s not finished here.


Yes, because you liked that first chat so much that you decided to rely on your Travel Designer who in a few days gives you a document listing all the activities you can experience, from the simplest to the most adrenaline.


What are the most evocative, hidden and unmissable places to visit.

Which typical dishes you absolutely must taste.


In short, you’ll have in your hands a personalized guide according to your tastes, needs and desires.

Just like this one 👇🏻

And the great thing is that this guide is not the result of sterile research, but of direct experiences of the Travel Designer and his selected partners.


They are advice from traveler to traveler, which create unique itineraries.

Because a Travel Designer only works custom-made.


Interesting, right? But I want to explain one more thing.


Journey according to 7R Travel


For 7R Travel a journey is not a journey without adrenaline, strong experiences and pure emotions.

That’s why we specialize in adventurous travel, dedicated to sport and more adrenaline activities.


Trips in which you can always experience new emotions flying on a hot air balloon, diving with sharks and whales, gliding along rivers and streams.


Experiential journeys that will enrich you and give you unique stories to take with you, always.


And all this without moving from your sofa, thanks to 7R Travel’s Travel Design!
viaggio adrenalinico

Trips for those who has the 7R gene


You may not know, but DRD4-7R is the variant of a gene that regulates dopamine levels in the body.


It’s also called the “adventure gene” or “Wanderlust”, precisely because that small 20% of the world population who own the 7R always wants to try new experiences, to explore.


And we organize trips just for those who have 7R in their blood!

Do you want to find out if you have it too? Take our test to find it out: https://www.7rtravel.com/test-avventura/


If, on the other hand, you really have a lot, too much desire to leave, contact us immediately by writing to info@7rtravel.com and let’s start organizing your unique and adrenaline trip together!

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