We are in a land still not very touristy and rather wild. Here, animals are not used to the presence of humans. Despite that, it’s possible to see them very close, and it’s possible to assist to real life shows in contact with nature.

A game safari in this country can satisfy your need for adventure, whether you want a wilder experience, sleeping in a tent, being pampered by the sounds of nature, whether you choose comfortable (and expensive) air-conditioned accommodation with breakfast included (I guarantee, however, that I’ve never seen public restrooms as clean as in Botswana!).

The adrenaline and excitement you will feel when you see your first lion is priceless.

Sport and adventure

Here are the sports and adventures we recommend in this destination.

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  • Off-road safari in all the parks of the country to live the wild nature
  • Balloon safaris, a different way to see animals and have a wider view
  • During river navigation on the delta of the Okawango river it seems to be in another world
  • Helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls to see them in all their magnificence
  • Bunjee jumping and zipline on Victoria Falls


Sleeping in a shelter, spending a day with the locals, discover unknown places, here are some of the special experiences that you could live in this destination.

In Africa you can find an atmosphere that you won’t find in any other country in the world. Being here is a unique experience.

So the emotions will be further amplified when you have to stop the jeep to let a herd of elephants cross the street, or you will listen to the sounds of nature from your tent, or you will brush your teeth looking at a hyena passing behind you. You can taste dishes cooked in the middle of the Kalahari, play with curious and timid children at the same time, walk with hyenas, look for crocodiles along the river …

An intense journey, full of emotions to take home and not forget anymore.

What to see

Here are some ideas of what you can admire in this wonderful place:

Botswana is rich in parks, all very different one from the other: in the Pilansberg you can picnic outdoors; you will arrive at the Baobab Planet through challenging roads driving your jeep; in the Marakele it seems to be in a park in North America; and then gasp in front of a typical African sunset at Moremi Park. Sandy expanses, stretches of water, walks on a salt lake in Kubu Island. And then the Victoria Falls and the Okawango Delta, the Khama Rhino Sanctuary … and that’s not all …


The landscape, flora and fauna of this country are just one of the reasons to visit it.

Nature in Botswana is the main element to visit this wonderful country.

Wild, still unspoiled, full of life, unpredictable and wonderful.

Its main territories are the Kalahari desert and the Okawango river delta.

Botswana is the home to wild animals such as giraffes, lions, rhinos, ostriches, zebras, cheetahs, hyenas and many others.

Il Botswana ospita animali selvaggi come giraffe, leoni, rinoceronti, struzzi, zebre, ghepardi, iene e molti altri.

Food and wine

What you could eat and drink in this country

The cuisine is essentially based of beef and goat meat, cereals, mainly corn, sorghum and rice and fruit and vegetables, mainly sweet potatoes and tomatoes.

In the big cities the kitchen is wester-like and there are many fast foods whereyou can have very normal burgers with fries.

In the villages instead there are still very tasty and traditional dishes, such as those prepared with morata, a tuber very rich in water, or with mongongo nut, or marula, a wild plum. The bogobe is a pudding made from sorghum and millet.

Meat and game are excellent, such as ostrich and kudu (antelope) cooked like English roast beef.

For the bravest we point out the mopane worms, caught in the forests and boiled, or cooked on hot ashes or sun-dried and then fried in oil. After all it is said that everything is good when fried …

To drink is to try the mokolane, a palm wine, but to drink good wine you have to move to South Africa.

When to go

From April to September.


The climate of Botswana is semi-arid, that is hot and dry for most of the year.

In summer (between December and February / March) temperatures are very high and rainfall is abundant.

The hottest months are September, October and November.

Between May and August the heat during the day is more bearable but in the evening the temperatures drop by many degrees, with temperatures that average around 5 ° C.

The best time to visit Botswana is from April to September, because the heat is not excessive, and the climate is dry. Furthermore, the scarcity of vegetation and the concentration of water in pools facilitates the visibility of wild animals.


Language: English (the official language. The national language, and the most spoken, is the setswana)
Currency: Botswana Pula - BWP (1 BWP = € 0.084 = US $ 0.094)
Capital: Gaborone
Seasons: spring from April to June; summer from December to March; autumn from March to June; winter from June to September.

For more and updated information visit www.viaggiaresicuri.it

Some tips

Given the strong difference in temperature from day to night, we recommend wearing winter sweaters and jackets, especially fif you sleep in tents.


Furthermore, we recommend traveling in this country with specialized tour operators, because nature is wild, and for the technical and mechanical support it can provide in  case of difficult terrains, such as sand or mud where it’s easy to get bogged down with your own jeep.


If you like, bring some clothes that you no longer use to leave as a gratitude in the family-run parks or in the villages you are going to visit.


The last advice, which comes right to our heart, is: be amazed.

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