The best rivers for rafting and hydrospeed in Italy


We have selected what we believe are the best rivers for rafting and hydrospeed in Italy, but it was very difficult to choose.

In fact, Italy is one of the most popular destinations for these sports, because it’s very rich in waterways.

There are places for all levels, from those suitable even for children, to rivers for true experts and with 100% 7R in the DNA.

We have explained what rafting and hydrospeed are in the relative sheets, now we offer you some rivers where you will really have fun.

Fasten your wetsuit, put on your helmet, let’s go:

1) Umbria – Corno River

Along its course you can meet quiet stretches, such as that of the Biselli gorges, where we can look around and admire the landscape characterized by sheer cliffs, alternating with steep and winding stretches where we have to give ourselves all our strength.

2) Calabria – Lao River

The river for rafting and hydrospeed per excellence in southern Italy. It was born in the Pollino Park in Basilicata. Its average flow is copious and in spring and autumn it swells with massive floods. Equip yourself with enthusiasm and have fun.

3) Piedmont – Sesia River

Piedmont is also one of the paradises for rafting, hydrospeed and canyoning in Italy thanks to the Sesia, which offers stretches of pure fun, especially from Alagna to Varallo.

4) Trentino – River Noce

Val di Sole is another of the Italian rafting paradises, also according to the National Geographic which counts it among the best rivers in Europe and the second in the world after the Zambezi, in Africa.

5) Aosta Valley – Dora Baltea

It’s nicknamed the “Colorado of Italy”. This too is a true rafting paradise, especially in the stretch between Montovert and Chatillon where it flows impetuously between mountains, woods and castles.

6) Veneto – Brenta River

One of the most interesting stretches for water sports on the Brenta is between Valstagna, San Nazario and Solagna (Vicenza), where the waters flow faster.

7) Umbria – Marmore Falls

At the Marmore waterfall it’s possible to practice this extreme sport at all levels. However, the most challenging cover a large part of the river, with a total height difference of 165 meters.


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Have fun!

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