7 things to do in Puglia (South Italy)


7 things to do in Puglia that you will never forget. These are just some of the wonderful, adrenaline, romantic and unforgettable experiences you can have in this region of Southern Italy, famous for its food, the sea and the warm welcome of local people.

1) Sleep in a masseria

The masseria are rural buildings, typical especially of the Salento area in Puglia, now used as farms, with accommodation that welcomes visitors in a warm environment with a strong appeal to the past.

The name derives from masserizie, “household goods”, ie the furniture, utensils and tools of peasant use that were kept in buildings made of stones.

The first farms were built in the 16th century. Owners, peasants and shepherds used to live there.

The farms today may be charming or not, but they all offer an atmosphere that will you experience a unique stay.



2) Taste local food

The food and wine experience in Puglia is truly crazy:

from fish dishes typical of the whole coast, to orecchiette (a typical kind of handmade pasta which you can also learn how to do under the guidance of local expert women), passing through taralli, a kind of dry bread, used as a snack at all times of the day. They are also perfect served with wine or cocktails at aperitivo time, up to friselle, Altamura bread, not to forget mozzarella and wine (have you ever tasted the famous Primitivo?) …

There are millennial traditions on Apulian cuisine that the local restaurateurs will be happy to let you taste.


Burrata with tomatoes

3) Discover every corner of wonderful countries

In addition to the most famous cities such as Bari and Taranto, Puglia is dotted with small towns which, thanks to their particularities and unique beauties, have become famous all over the world, such as Alberobello with its typical houses named trulli, Locorotondo and its historic center of white alleys , Grottaglie and ceramics, Cisternino for grilled meat, Ostuni called “the white city of Salento”, Presicce with underground oil mills, …

Every corner of this region offers history, craftsmanship, culture, nature …



4) Discover the coasts

Puglia is one of the Italian paradises for the sea.

To discover its coasts and swim in crystalline and uncrowded waters, have a boat excursion in some coves that only the locals know, or paddle in a kayak until you go over that rock, or better, coasteering, which in Puglia, with its sheer cliffs, is one of the most fun sports to practice.



5) Explore caves

Throughout Puglia there are caves full of stalactites and stalagmites that are just waiting to be explored (visit the page about caving). Among the best known, which we advise you not to miss, those of Zinzulusa and the Grotte di Castellana.

Grotte Castellana

Castellana caves

6) Go on a mountainbike excursion

There are many cycle paths where you can have fun with your bike. In the Gargano area you’ll have more fun with a mountainbike, inside the Umbra forest and then reach the coast with a fun and long descent.

Read the card on Bike & Co for all the info on this sport.


Bike excursion

7) Sleep in a nest among the olive trees

In one of the countless Apulian olive groves, there is a place where you can spleep in a real nest. Nests large enough to let from one to two or three people (two adults and a child) stay in, with comfortable mattresses, created by man to host those who want to spend a night in close contact with nature in these particular structures, masterpieces of art and creativity.



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