Extreme sports: which are the 7 most dangerous in the world… in our opinion

Tuta alare
Tuta alare

Extreme sports are our passion, you know. The adrenaline, the desire to overcome your limits, call into question the force of gravity, all this things and much more makes us love these sports, despite their (alleged) danger.

In this article we make a list of which, in our opinion, are the most dangerous sports in the world.

What is an extreme sport

There isn’t a universally recognized definition of extreme sports yet. However, we can define its main characteristics.

Extreme sports are characterized by searching for extraordinary emotions, by experiencing dangerous situations and intense physical effort. They predict high risks due to high speeds, high heights, physical exertion, extreme environments, long performance duration and are highly dependent on uncontrollable environmental variables, such as atmospheric or ground conditions.

However, there is a unique method of classification of extreme sports.

To be classified as extreme, sport must fall under both of the following definitions:

be a sport: the participant must have considerable physical ability and / or capacity to avoid failure to perform;

– be extreme: failure to perform must entail considerable risks for the athlete.

According to this definition, extreme sports such as parachuting, ice climbing, hydrospeed and surfing fall into the category, but bungee jumping or jetboat (as a passenger) do not fall under the category, as no physical ability is required to practice these sports.

Based on these considerations, here is our list of the extreme sports that we believe are the most dangerous, but this doesn’t mean we haven’t tried them or won’t do it in the future 😉

1) Wing Walking

I don’t even know whether to consider it a sport… I would feel more like “don’t imitate it”. In any case, it certainly deserves the first place. The athlete is tied up and stand on the roof of the biplane that will make a complete flight. I leave it to you to fantasize about risks.

Wing Walking
2) B.A.S.E. Jumping

BASE is an acronym and stands for Buildings, Antennas, Span, Earth that are the launch bases. You jump and fall for as long as possible before opening the parachute. This sport is extremely dangerous, so much that in some countries it is considered illegal.

3) Wingsuite

The suit slows down the fall speed and facilitates horizontal flight, making this sport safer than base jumping and also more fun because it increases the duration of the fall. The last few meters are done with an open parachute. Pure adrenaline!

Tuta alare
4) Parkour

Yes, it’s a city sport, but quite lively. You go from running on railings to climbing walls, from jumping from roof to roof to quickly descending stairways and then climbing walls.

5) Drone Skydiving

This sport was born recently. Athlete is tied with a rope (or held !!) to a large drone and begins to fly suspended in the void. When he gets tired he can drop and open the parachute.

6) Skydiving

Several calculations have to be made before choosing where to launch.

We do it safely, with tested instructors and in beautiful places.

7) Deep Water Soloing

Crazy scenarios, with coasts overlooking the sea. And you, without a harness, without ropes, without any net underneath except the sea, climbing the bare rock. Sooo nice!


Did you get inspired? Do you already feel the adrenaline flowing in your veins? Tell us which extreme sport you would like to try.

And don’t worry, we let you try super controlled extreme experiences, with professional instructors.

If you’re curious, don’t hesitate to contact us to help you organize you custom tour, in line with your interests, suited to your physical preparation and your desire for adrenaline.

Get ready to live YOUR personal adventure in the world!

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Have fun!

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