7 mountain bike itineraries in Italy

Mountain bike
Mountain bike

7 mountain bike itineraries in Italy, all feasible with a minimum of training and organization.

Total immersion in uncontaminated nature, freedom and adrenaline are the ingredients for an active mountain bike holiday. And to know more about this sport read here.

1) Trentino – Predaia plateau

The Predaia plateau in Trentino has an ideal shape for mountain biking.

In this area there are four possible paths, we suggest you the most adventurous: we start from the center of the village of Coredo and continue to the Sanctuary of San Romedio, a very suggestive hermitage, with five perched  churches. After going up the Verdès Valley towards the Sette Larici, Val de Lama and the town of Lovere, you proceed on a slight slope and then go down to Castel Thun, another jewel of the Val di Non. Next to the Bragher Castle you return to Coredo along the final climb.

Length of the route: 50 km

Time: 6 – 8 hours

Level: Medium


Mountain bike

2) Lombardy – Lake Iseo

Between Riva di Solto and Monte Creò, on Lake Iseo, there is an ideal route for mountain biking. with important slopes and breathtaking views. Following the road towards Salto Collina at a certain point the path continues in the woods, with alternating descents and climbs. Crossing the road to Fonteno, you cross a source to climb up into a dense chestnut forest. Returning on an asphalted path, you pass under the portico of the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Santello, the road continues in the San Faustino Valley and after about ten km you reach Camonghe from where you can admire the glimpse of Monte Creò, which is reachable after a last off-road climb.

Length of the route: 27 km

Time: 3 – 4 hours

Level: medium / difficult.

Mountain bike

3) Puglia – Foresta Umbra

The route winds through the woods of the Foresta Umbra, in the Gargano National Park, so called because the sun cannot penetrate the leaves of the beech trees (umbra means shady). The path starts from Vieste, along an asphalted road to the Sfilzi Refuge. Pedaling among millennial plants and majestic beech trees, you reach the Umbra Village where you can eat something and rest.

Length of the route: 45 km

Time: 5 hours (with stops)

Level: medium / difficult

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4) Sardinia – Transardinia

This route includes 449 km off-roads and mule tracks, over 12,000 meters in altitude through wild places to be covered in seven days, from Olbia to Cagliari through Barbagia, Supramonte and Gennargentu. An itinerary deeply immersed in an unforgettable landscape, far from the asphalt, from the cities and the coasts.

Length of the route: 449 km

Time: 7 days

Level: medium / difficult

Mountain bike

5) Sicily – Etna

Starting from the Contrada Milia gate, in the Etna Park, the Pista Altomontana follows an almost complete loop itinerary around the volcano. The landscape changes very often, going from woods to arid lava fields up to the northern part of Etna. Stop to admire the “Zappinazzu”, the largest pine tree of Etna, in the Ragabo pine forest. The tour ends by passing through  Mount Crisimio, the Cerrita Wood and the Magazzeni Church.

Length of the route: 61 km

Time: 6 – 8 hours

Difficulty: medium

Mountain bike

6) Tuscany – Elba Island

The route that goes from Cavo to Pomonte is called GTE,  Grande Traversata Elbana (the Great Elban Crossing). You go through many points of interest on the island, such as Portoferraio, Capoliveri, Marciana Marina. It doesn’t have heavy gradients and is surrounded by nature and always (or almost) with a sea view, ideal for a relaxing ride enjoying the view.

Length of the route: 6th km

Time: 6 hours

Difficulty: easy / medium

Mountain bike

7) Marche – Sibillini Mountains

The Grande Anello dei Sibillini (Gas) (Great Sibillini Ring) is a ring-shaped hiking route, immersed in unspoiled landscapes, suitable for both trekkers and bikers.

Among the various options we suggest you to cover it in 4/5 days, stopping to sleep in the various shelters located along the route.

Starting from the medieval center of Visso, continue clockwise, entirely on forest roads and mountain paths, stopping in Fiastra, Amandola, Montegallo and Norcia

Length of the route: from 120 to 150 km

Time: 4/5 days

Difficulty: easy / medium

Mountain bike

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