The best diving points in Vietnam


Vietnam is a country rich in history and culture, but it is also a natural paradise (see the complete guide).

Diving is a must among its many sporting attractions.

Here you find the best dive sites this destination offers.

1) Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa Province

Nha Trang is the most popular diving area in Vietnam.

The reason is simple: it offers 12,000 hectares of waters filled with coral reefs. We are talking about the Hon Mun Marine Protected Area.

The beauty of this place is that there are sites suitable for all levels of experience: from beginners, thanks to the shallow waters, to experts.

Here you can see tropical fish of various species, from butterfly and box fish to puffer fish. Also, in July and August the visibility is fantastic!

The sites where we recommend diving in Nha Trang are:

Moray Beach: quite crowded, but worth seeing for nudibranchs, lionfish, clownfish and seahorses. And if you’re adventurous enough, you’ll have the chance to see pipefish, razor fish, and scorpion fish in the Moray Cave.

Madonna Rock features incredible natural architecture in which you can swim through caves and tunnels at various depths. Here you can admire millions of small glass fish, ghost fish, surgeons, octopuses, … And then you can’t miss the rocks from which this site got its name 😉

Electric Nose, for experienced divers, is a huge pinnacle that rises from a depth of 50 meters to the surface, covered with corals that attract a wide variety of marine species. In addition to this and a very colourful coral reef, this site is also fun for a huge cave to explore.

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2) Hoi An – Quang Nam Province

The coast of Hoi An is rich in a great variety of coral and tropical fish.

The two most particular sites to dive in Hoi An are:

Hon Nhan, for intermediate divers, is home to thousands of nudibranchs, pipe fish, seahorses, barracudas, eels, … not to mention the particular rocks and caves.

Hon Mo, a wonderful place also for its fine sand beach, is characterized by a wide range of different corals and as many types of fish. It is a site suitable for all levels and is close to Hoi An.

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3) Phu Quoc – Kiên Giang Province

This site was opened to diving relatively recently (in 2002) and even today has not been fully discovered, being also far from the more touristy areas. It is a perfect area for beginners but also for those looking for more challenging dives.

The most beautiful sites on the island of Phu Quoc are, in our opinion:

Hon Ko, also called the Dry Island due to the complete lack of vegetation, where rays and bamboo sharks can also be seen underwater, as well as parrot fish, butterfly and many others.

Nudibranch garden, as the name suggests, is full of nudibranchs, including the Godiva, of a bright purple colour. But bamboo sharks can also be seen among the rock, if you’re lucky.

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4) Whale Island – Vŏn Ninh

Van Phong Bay is the emblem of a relaxing seaside holiday: turquoise waters, white sand, … But it is also a magnificent diving site thanks to the whales and whale sharks that, between April and June, come to look for krill and plankton to feed.

The points where we recommend diving are:

White Rock, one of the more remote sites, but worth the trip. There are walls that reach up to 40 meters with huge pinnacles that emerge from the seabed, covered with black corals that make the area mysterious and intriguing.

Ho Trau Nam (Island of the 3 Kings), takes its name from the three rock pinnacles that emerge from the water, where a rich ecosystem grows. Below you will be dazzled by the beauty of yellow, white and purple corals and by the manta rays, rays, sea snails that swim around them.

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