5 once in a lifetime adventure trips


Adventure trips are unforgettable, you will remember every single moment for the rest of your life, because you put yourself in the game, they challenge your spirit of adaptation and move your soul with very strong emotions.

The discovery of unusual places, the encounter with different cultures, the charm of unspoiled nature are the perfect setting for an adventure trip.

Are you ready to experience all this in one trip? So here are 5 adventure trips that you must experience at least once in your life.

1) Jeep safari

Most of those who have been to Africa have returned with the “African sickness”, a feeling of nostalgia and serenity that accompanies us and returns every time we see pictures of an African sunset or of an animal of the savannah.

Why: why is it an unforgettable adventure trip? Because you find yourself in the midst of wild animals in their environment, seeing them act according to their instincts, witnessing migrations of herds that move slowly or like furies following a path that only they know, who knows how, relive the primordial nature in all its nuances.

Where: Botswana (to find out more about this country have a look here), in the southern part of Africa, is still little known by tourism and allows you to experience a wilder journey.

When: the best time to visit Botswana is from April to September, because the heat is not excessive, and the climate is dry. Furthermore, the scarcity of vegetation and the concentration of water in the pools facilitate the concentration of wild animals

Jeep safari

Jeep safari

2) One week by quad/ATV

Why: Driving a quad/ATV gives an infinite sense of freedom.  You will be immersed in a strange atmosphere, surrounded by unique landscapes, always different every kilometer you travel, inebriated by scents and flavors. This trip is not done to “go and see locations”, but to experience them, to hear them and admire wonderful landscapes.

Where: an ideal quad adventure trip is in Morocco, through the Atlas Mountains and deserts.

When: from March to October is the ideal time for an adventure trip by quad to Morocco because, especially in the desert and in the mountains, the climate is mild during the day, even if the nights are cold.


Quad in Morocco

3) Muylti-sport tour

Why: to get to know even the most hidden and particular places of a destination and have fun every day with a different activity: exploring the jungle by foot, stopping to swim under the waterfalls, looking for monkeys, birds and other species of unique animals, seeing the sunrise from the top of a volcano, swinging suspended in the void admiring the expanses of rice fields, sleeping in the jungle in a bungalow on stilts, diving in a marine park with very high biodiversity and seeing manta rays, turtles, sharks, and then rafting and visit villages, eating at the home of the local people, relaxing on a beach … In short, you never get bored.

Where: Costa Rica is ideal for a multi-sport adventure trip, pampered by hospitable people, delicious food and fabulous beaches. Read the mini guide to learn more about Costa Rica.

When: the ideal period is from January and March, during the dry season, but the temperatures are high and the water is wonderful all year round.

Beach in Costa Rica

4) Gorilla trekking

Why: meeting gorillas will open your heart, you will be overwhelmed by a very strong emotion and the interaction with them is truly magical.

Where: in Uganda, in the Bwindi Forest.

When: Uganda is a country where it always rains, sometimes less, sometimes more, but if you don’t let a little water scare you, you can go there all year round.roduct you can think of, there is a festival in Italy. In particular, we recommend the “South Tyrolean speck festival”, the “Chestnuts and Memories Festival” in Emilia Romagna and the “Etna prickly pear festival d.o.p.” in Sicily.

Gorilla trekking

5) Husky safari and snowmobile tour

Why: seeing the Northern Lights is an exciting experience. You’ll watch at this green veil dancing in the sky while an expert explains to you what is happening. If you are on a dog sled or on a snowmobile, you’ll also have fun.

Where: in Lapland, between Finland, Norway and Sweden.

When: the Northern Lights phenomenon may occur between November and January, when the hours of darkness are greater.

Husky safari in Lapland

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Get ready to live YOUR personal adventure in the world!

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Have fun!

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