Where to go on Christmas and on New Years: 7 destinations with adventure and sport – 2

Where to go for Christmas and New Year’s Eve is the most discussed question among those who want to celebrate the arrival of the new year and greet the old one.

For this reason, the post published here is not enough.

Here are 7 more adventure and sport destinations where you can spend Christmas holidays.

1) Switzerland

Switzerland is a winter paradise for snow lovers. In the more than 200 ski areas there are slopes of all kind and difficulties for skiing, snowboarding and sledding.

Plus, there are snowshoe trails and glaciers for hiking and ice climbing.

Arrampicata su ghiaccio

2) Brasil

For those who love warm and sunny days, let’s fly to Brazil to climb the Pan di Zucchero or to go on a Jeep tour or trekking in the forest.

If you can’t wait to be in the water, there’s Surf/Kytesurfing, SUP, Jet Skiing and diving.

Moto d'acqua

3) Antarctica

The reason to go to Antarctica is because it’s an experience itself.
Not to mention the spectacular panorama, the experiences in Antarctica are varied, such as seeing colonies of penguins during the mating season, or when the chicks have just been born, flying over the sea in a helicopter to admire stratified sandstones, lava flows, glaciers, icebergs and ice blocks, bathe in a hot spring, paddle a kayak or SUP in the middle of the ice, climb or ski on 5,000 m mountains, spot whales, go on a scuba dive, or a liveaboard.

4) Thailand

Back to the heat to dive, because in Thailand we can see sharks, manta rays, ship wrecks, caves, coral reefs.

In Thailand there are also many parks to live in close contact with nature and do activities such as trekking, Jungle trek, survival and climbing.


5) Cambodia

Cambodia can be explored by bike to enjoy the landscape but you can also trekking in the forest.

The most evocative and fun experiences can also be had by boat and staying overnight in stilt houses.

Cambogia Kompong Plouk

6) Nepal

Paragliding over the Himalayas is spectacular.

To experience pure adrenaline, I recommend bungee jumping because in Nepal there is one of the most spectacular points in the world, over 160 m above the Bhote Koshi river.

The “Trekking Peaks” up to the eight thousand are certainly one of the main reasons why people come to Nepal from anywhere in the world. But there are also climbing walls suitable for everyone.

It’s one of the world’s favorite trekking destinations, especially in the Himalayas. Even for mountain biking there are routes for all tastes.


7) Uganda

The main reason to go to Uganda is trekking to see the gorillas.
Some fun with jet skis and white water rafting, quad biking and bungee jumping at one of the highest sites in Africa.

If you’re curious, don’t hesitate to contact me to help you organize your custom trip in line with your interests, your preparation and your desire for adrenaline.

Get ready to live YOUR personal adventure in the world!

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Have fun!

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