Five little tricks to beat the post-holiday blues


Five little tricks to beat the post-holiday blues. Stop being stressed at the thought of returning home and prolong the state of happiness, well-being and peace developed during your sport or adventure holidays.

During the holidays you skied, dived, rested, walked in the woods, slept, sunbathed, ate, relaxed and regenerated. But now the thought of returning home and going back to work puts you in a state of sadness, resignation and stress. In short, all the benefits of the holidays disappear in a second.

No worries! Here are some tips to beat the post-holiday blues:

1) Continue doing sports and physical activity

If you did more than simply lying down on a beach chair or under a duvet during your holidays, then continue doing sports and physical activity. It won’t be like skiing, diving, paragliding or snowshoeing, but 30 minutes a day, at least three times a week, are enough to combat stress thanks to the release of serotonin, a substance naturally produced by our body, known for its powerful antidepressant effect.

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2) Sleep

Generally speaking, when we are on holiday we tend to sleep more, or at least we sleep better. This improves the wellbeing of our body and mind, which get regenerated. If you had a relaxing break, and even more if you are returning from an exhausting but wonderful adventure or sports trip, try to get enough sleep once you are back home.

If you are unable to sleep 8 hours due to your many commitments, then reduce the hours of sleep gradually to avoid traumatizing your body and gradually readjust to the frenetic pace of daily life.

3) Don’t go on a diet immediately

We know this is the advice that you will follow most willingly.

It’s normal to allow yourself to eat a little more during the holidays, especially during a sport trip.

Re-educate your body to normal quantities gradually. Don’t switch from polenta and braised meat to salad in one day, otherwise your body will feel deprived of substances and sugars and will try to accumulate them instead of disposing of them.

4) Have fun

24 hours dedicated to yourself, your hobbies and everything you like to do, and then nothing at all?

No no no, don’t joke!

Learn to make time for yourself and what you like to do, even if it’s just a few minutes a day.

Read, play with your children, talk to your partners, take a walk, … it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you have fun and it makes you feel good.

And once you start doing this, don’t stop anymore!

5) Plan your next trip

You are still thinking about the scent of the woods, that fantastic beach with nobody in sight, that glorious sunset behind the mountains …

Cherish these memories, but as soon as they fade away and you realize that you are only thinking about work and the number of days left until your next holiday, it’s time to start planning another trip. This will distract you from stress and will be a positive goal to aim for.

We also suggest to unplug more often during the year, possibly with shorter, but more frequent trips.

Follow our tips and you will surely be less stressed when the next holidays will finally arrive!

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Have fun!

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