The firsts climbs and ferrata are the most challenging but also the most fun.

A via ferrata is a path on a wall, equipped with metal ladders and steel cables fixed to the mountain wall. You can attach your own to facilitate the passage safely.

The beauty of the via ferrata is that they are also for those who are at their first experiences, but the difficulty can change considerably.

Among the most challenging ferrata in the Dolomites we can mention the steep and difficult Tomaselli alla Cima Fanis, which rises to 3000 meters in a spectacular setting.

The highest in the world is on Mount Kinabalu, in Borneo, at 3.776 meters above sea level.

I limited myself to a couple of easy ferrata, in the Dolomites, and I enjoyed a lot!

Here is one:

After one hour trekking through rocks and raponzoli (beautiful and very rare mountain flowers) here is the attack of the via ferrata.

The equipment you need, based on the difficulty of the route, is this:

  • boots (always in the mountains)
  • a bit of physical preparation: sometimes there are passages where you need push with your legs
  • harness and helmet.

Of course, if you are not an expert you will also need a professional guide. If you are an expert be at least in two people.

One basic thing: do not do via ferrata during a storm 😉

That day the weather was not really sunny, but we did the ferrata dry (we ran later, to go home before the shower 😉)

After a bit of contorsions, we were on a path and my hunger led me straight to the shelter.

I wonder why you always eat so well in shelters… 😋


By the way, the important thing is to choose a path that is suitable for your possibilities and your physical and mental preparation. It is possible that we are fit, but at that moment our mood is under our shoes, so we’ll have a hard time making efforts that usually don’t. Or we are not physically prepared, but we have a determination and a desire to overcome our limits that would make us climb the mountain in a hurry. In this case it’s important there’s someone who looks after you!


In every situation balance is vital, to face the path, to overcome the obstacles and, why not? your limits.


Only after that you’ll have a lot of fun.

So I just wish you HAVE FUN !! ✌💪

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Get ready to live YOUR personal adventure in the world!


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Have fun!


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