7 dos and dont’s in the mountains


A list of 7 dos and dont’s in the mountains when going for a walk can be useful both for those who have just started hiking and trekking, and for those who bring children for the first time, who don’t know this wonderful environment.

Walking in the mountains always involves risks, for us, but also for the environment.

So here are 7 simple tips on what to do and not to do when facing a mountain walk for the first time.

1) Respect the environment – Don’t tear leaves or flowers

Sometimes, lost in thought, it happens to take a leaf and tear it off. Or we see a beautiful flower and want to take it with us.

If you avoid this behavior, the plant and the environment will thank you.

Non strappare foglie

Don’t tear leaves or flowers

2) Respect the environment – Take your waste home

Whether it’s lunch leftovers or a paper handkerchief, remember to always carry a bag with you to take your waste home and don’t leave it in the meadow or in the woods. They could be harmful to the animals that live there and to the environment.

3) Walk at your pace

Walking at your own pass is very important because it will allow you to reach your goal without tiring yourself beyond your limit. If you are walking in a group, those who go slower set the pace, which means that those who go faster will have to slow down a little to walk together.

If you see that someone is going faster than you and is not waiting for you, let them go, you will see each other upon arrival.

4) Study the route before you leave and then follow the directions

To avoid getting lost, which is quite dangerous in the mountains, study the route you will have to take before leaving. Also try to understand which signal the path will be indicated to have a certainty along the way to be on the right path.

Segnali sentieri

Direction and signals

5) Don’t eat fruits or berries if you don’t know them very well

There are plants that are very similar to each other, which produce fruits or berries that are very similar to each other. If you are not sure what plant it is, don’t eat its fruits, they could be poisonous.

Blueberry and rhododendron are similar

6) Always watch where you are walking

The view in the mountains is amazing, it captivates you and you would like to be with your nose up most of the time. But unfortunately, you will have to enjoy it by taking a break.

Looking around while walking in the mountains could be dangerous.

Especially in the woods it’s very easy to find roots above ground, or animals that cross the road or are simply there to sunbathe, or cobwebs at face height.

So, always watch where you step and where you are going.

7) Respect silence

In the mountains there is silence. We speak in a preferably low tone of voice and no loud music.

In the mountains, people shout only to signal a danger, such as a stone fall or a landslide.  So, if you hear screaming, take cover immediately.

Also, you may be precluding yourself from seeing any deer or other animal that would immediately run away if they heard you scream.

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Have fun!

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