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Tarzaning or Arboring

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Tarzaning or Arboring is the essence of our dream of climbing trees, jumping from one to another with lianas and jumping down and then starting again.


The best place to practice tarzaning / arboring is an adventure park, consisting of a set of suspended paths at different heights, generally installed on trees or on wooden poles or rock walls.

The various routes are composed of lianas, tibetan bridges, cableways, nets, pulleys, suspended barrels, walkways and allow you to pass from one tree to another in total safety.

In some adventure parks it is also possible to do archery, climbing on an artificial wall or rock, snow tubing (on board of large donuts you slide on paths covered with special carpets), mountain biking, hiking.

Before starting you will be instructed and equipped with a safety device similar to the one used in climbing (harness, carabiners, pulley). You will then be directed to the most suitable path for you.

The routes of the adventure parks to practice Tarzaning / Arboring are differentiated by difficulty, age (height) and increasing commitment.

Due to their characteristics, they are the ideal combination of playful activity, training experience and sports practice. For this reason, adventure parks are increasingly used also for corporate Team Building practices.

Furthermore, they have a low environmental impact since no motorized vehicle is used, no noise or gas emissions.

In some adventure parks it is possible to stay overnight in tents, even suspended, and in tree houses.


The opening of the adventure parks is seasonal; they are usually closed in winter and, in the low season, they are open only for groups by reservation.

Here you will find the 3 best adventure parks where to practice tarzaning / arboring in Italy:

  1. Acropark Rio Centa, Trento (Trentino-Alto Adige)

In the heart of the Centa River Park, it offers 110 activities, distributed over 8 routes and divided into 6 degrees of difficulty. Together with the park staff you can also take walks to the Stonaus Chasm, visits to the Great War Museum, orienteering lessons and sport climbing.

  1. San Marino Adventures (San Marino)

Just 5 minutes from the historic center of San Marino, this adventure park has 28 routes and attractions such as a paramilitary ground course, a 10-meter climbing wall with a rock school, the adrenaline-pumping 30-foot Bunjee Jumping meters and the 280 meter long cableway to feel strong emotions.

  1. Madonie Adventure Park (Sicily)

The park offers acrobatic routes among the trees, climbing, trekking or horseback rides, orienteering, archery, mountain bike trails and naturalistic excursions. Suitable for all ages, there are 10 suspended routes with a total of 80 activities.



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To access the journey, some parks that are not specific for children require a minimum age of 9 years or a height of 110 cm.

Usually up to 120 cm children must be accompanied, beyond that height they can make the activity independently.

Not all adventure parks apply the same rules, so check before taking your kids for tarzaning / arboring.


Before being able to access the activities it is mandatory to wear a harness with carabiners and pulley, helmet and, if desired, gloves.

Then you have to follow a short briefing led by the instructors. Now you can tackle the different routes independently and in complete safety.

In recent years, advanced safety systems have been increasingly used, such as continuous lifelines and intelligent lanyards, which prevent them from disconnecting even temporarily from the lifeline, reducing the risk of serious accidents to zero.