Things you didn’t know could be carried in cabin luggage

There are some things that you may not have thought could be carried in hand luggage.

The international aviation authorities, which aim to ensure safety at airports and during flights, determine which objects and substances are prohibited in the cabin, and therefore in hand luggage. In Italy this task is entrusted to ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority), the supervisory authority in the aeronautical field.

Except for specific restrictions imposed by each airline, or those defined by each individual country, here we point out some items that can be carried in hand luggage.

1) Razors/Blades

How many times have I arrived at my destination and the first thing I did was buy a razor, as long as it was a destination with shops, and shops that sold this kind of thing. Also I have cut myself so many times that I assumed it was considered a dangerous object. On the other hand, electric razors and razors with the blade inserted in a plastic cover are allowed in hand luggage.

While blades and razors that can be opened to remove the blade are only allowed in checked baggage.

Hurray! No more traveling monkeys! 😉


2) Nail scissors

Well yes, even these are not considered as dangerous as I thought. Don’t do your manicure in the cabin please, but if the scissors have blades that do not exceed 6 cm they are allowed.

From now on you have no more excuses: perfect nails even on vacation.


3) Christmas tree

The holidays are approaching, and airlines will certainly not stop Christmas.

A wrapped Christmas tree can be carried so that the needles do not fall out and it must not exceed a certain size. There are no specifications about the decorations 😉

Albero di Natale

4) Field stove

Suppose you’re hungry at the airport and you really want to warm up the soup your grandmother made for you?

The important thing is that there is absolutely no trace of fuel. This means that the tank must be perfectly clean.


5) Parachute

For those who are afraid of flying it is a good way to get calm. But it’s not for us, the 7R Insiders, is it? Maybe we would take it to land our way 😉


6) A sandwich with hazelnut cream

Prepare it at home with lots of love and wrap it in foil to enjoy during the flight.

It’s really important that it’s already done because they will not let you carry the jar with the cream. Why? Because evenly spread cream is extremely difficult to isolate in order to get enough of it that it can be used to create a blasting compound.

So enjoy your sandwich 😋

Pane e cioccolato

I know that now on your hand luggage will be enriched with new items that you did not think you would be able to check on before 😉

Tell us in the comments what you wanted to board and instead they made you leave ashore.

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Have fun!

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