7 ideas for an adventurous Valentine’s day

San Valentino Avventura
San Valentino Avventura

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and if you are a couple who does not like conventions and classic romances, you probably can’t wait for February 15th.

But the day of lovers can inspire you to do something together, to dedicate a moment to you both, in completely original ways, using a personal, unique style, and maybe choose a different date than February 14th, ‘cause any day is a good day to do something special with our partner.

If you need some spark to start from, here are 7 ideas for an adventurous Valentine’s Day.

1) Quad bike excursion and picnic

Around the woods, or on the beach, hugging your partner who is piloting the quad. It can be an adrenaline experience, but also a very romantic one. Especially if you then stop somewhere to have a picnic, or simply to admire the view.

Quad San Valentino
2) Dog sledding and dinner in a lodge

Being pulled by dogs on a sled is already a unique experience. If you are driving for your partner, in the middle of a snowy landscape, it is even better.

And if a dinner in a lodge awaits you, with local food, soft lighting, and a warm fireplace, it can only be an excellent prelude to a super-romantic evening.

Cani da slitta
3) Snowmobile in the moonlight and dinner at the lodge

Follow the slopes of the snowy terrain by driving a snowmobile with your partner, having fun jumping on the bumps and turning on the slopes.

You will compensate the low temperatures later, after an excellent dinner in a lodge while admiring the moon.

4) Night in an ancient monastery and trekking

Some monasteries have been renovated and used as accommodation, some more frugal, others luxurious. Choose the best one for you to spend a romantic night in a … cell 😉

The day after get ready for a nice hike in the mountains.

5) Horseback riding on the beach

A peaceful horseback ride on the beach, with the rustle of the sea waves and the colors of the sunset. Too much romance? Let’s take a gallop race and who wins… you decide.

Passeggiata a cavallo
6) Paragliding together

Sharing the thrill of paragliding with your partner will unite you even more than before.

You will fly by tandem, with an instructor, but you will be able to watch each other and fly close.

7) Dinner for two in a Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon flight for two is a truly special and unique gift that will leave your partner breathless. The dinner on board with a view of the world from above will taste even better.


And what would you like to get as a present for Valentine’s Day? Write it on the comments below.


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Have fun!

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