7 reasons to travel in autumn


7 reasons to leave in Autumn, even if you don’t need any reasons.

The great desire we have to explore the world is enough, as we have the 7R.

1) The ideal weather

In autumn you’ll find wonderful temperatures for outdoor activities,

We were looking forward to stop sweating and drink mineral salts in order not to faint.

In this period, for example, you could explore northern Europe: in Finland you can bushcamp or hiking and trekking to admire the Ruska, that is the foliage, that in Lapland takes the shades of red, brown and yellow on.


Autumn in Northern Europe

2) Less crowded places

Can you imagine not having to queue, find a place in hotels and restaurants with no problems, go around the various places you want to visit without all those people around? How wonderful, huh?

You could take the opportunity to take a tour of Sicily, with a couple of days in an adventure park.


Less crowded places

3) The colors of nature

In this period, nature gives us 50 shades of red, orange, yellow, brown, green, … in short, all the colors of the foliage. Hiking and trekking in the woods is the most enchanting thing you can do, for example in the Swiss Alps.


Colors of nature

4) Food and wine events

In Autumn there are lots of food and wine events. On one hand that’s because it’s the harvest period, on the other hand it’s because nature gives us fruits worthy of being celebrated. Infact, there are festival of all kinds in every town.

And what’s a better destination than Italy for everything related to food and wine?

There are festivals to celebrate mushrooms, potatoes, tortelli, pumpkins, whatever natural product you can think of, there is a festival in Italy. In particular, we recommend the “South Tyrolean speck festival”, the “Chestnuts and Memories Festival” in Emilia Romagna and the “Etna prickly pear festival d.o.p.” in Sicily.


Food and wine events

5) Contact with the locals

The greater tranquility in tourist destinations also means more availability by locals to welcome curious people and those who are interested in learning more about their culture and traditions.

Stop and talk to people in Spain, where people are very freindly.


Meet local people

6) Recharge

After the delirious restart in September and in preparation for the end of the year, always hard from a work point of view, a break is a great way to recharge your batteries.

The ideal place to recharge your batteries is Morocco, where you can combine sports activities and the tradition of wellbeing.



7) The lowest prices

Last, but not least, is that prices are significantly lower than in the summer period. Take advantage of it to spend a few days in a VIP location at bargain prices. How about Cortina d’Ampezzo, in the heart of the Dolomites to climb on some via ferrata?


VIP location at lowest prices

If you’re curious, don’t hesitate to contact us to help you organize you custom tour, in line with your interests, suited to your physical preparation and your desire for adrenaline.

Get ready to live YOUR personal adventure in the world!

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Have fun!

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